Lee Pickles

28″,Tet,5.50″,SEv,EM,Re  (Not Available x Not Available)


32″,Dip,6″,SEv,M,Frag,Db,Re  (Ivory Cloud x Sdlg)

Happy Returns

18″,Dip,3.13″,SEv,EE,Frag,Re,Ext  (Suzie Wong x Stella De Oro)

Organized Chaos

34″,Tet,5.50″,SEv,EM,Re  (((All Fired Up X Border Blessed) X Navel Assault) x )

Peggy Bass

26″,Dip,7″,SEv,M,Frag,Db,Re  (Sdlg x Frances Joiner)

Flying First Class

38″,Tet,8.50″,SEv,EM,Frag,Re  ((Shutterbug X (His Highness X Bluebird Sky)) x )

Dorothy and Toto

Night Embers x (Victoria’s Secret x sdlg)

Stout Silver Medal: 2015
Award of Merit: 2012
Honorable Mention: 2009