pink with great scape and branching

Itsy Bitsy Spider

height 35 in.(89 cm), bloom 3.5 in.(9 cm), season E, Dormant, Diploid, Unusual Form Crispate,  Lemon yellow spider self with green throat. (Mignon × Suzie Wong)Awards: HM 2014, ESB 2015

Gift from Lorraine G.


32″,Dip,6″,SEv,M,Frag,Db,Re  (Ivory Cloud x Sdlg)

Stella De Oro

11″,Dip,2.75″,Dor,EM,Frag,Re,Ext  (Not Available x Not Available)

Happy Returns

18″,Dip,3.13″,SEv,EE,Frag,Re,Ext  (Suzie Wong x Stella De Oro)

Hard Times

52″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,L,Re,UFO  (Unknown x Unknown)

Miss Jessie

40″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,M,Sp  (Dorothea X Su-Lin x Sdlg)