18″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,E,Frag,Re  (Unknown x Unknown)

Navajo Princess

24″,Dip,4.50″,SEv,ML,Re,Noc,Ext  (Futuristic Art x Janice Brown)

C 1664

34″,Dip,4.50″  (Holly Dancer X Helga Bjornerud x Laura Harwood)

Indian Giver

20″,Dip,4.50″,SEv,EM,Re  (Not Available x Not Available)

Joan Senior

25″,Dip,6″,Evr,EM,Re,Ext  (Loving Memories x Little Infant)

Pink Stripes

30″,Dip,7″,Dor,EM  (Pink Brocade x Peppermint Parfait)

Friends With Benefits

32″,Dip,8″,Dor,L,Frag,Re  (Starlight Galaxy x (Concorde Nelson X Pink Super Spider))

C 1289

32″,Dip,7″  (Heart Effect x Fizziwig)

Heavenly Angel Ice

36″,Dip,8″,Dor,ML,Re,UFO  (So Lovely X Yellow Ribbon x Heavenly Curls)

Brocaded Gown

26″,Dip,6″,SEv,EM,Re,Ext  (Buttermilk Sky x Sabie)

Rosy Returns

16″,Dip,3.75″,Dor,EE,Frag,Re  ((Pardon Me X Happy Returns) X (Happy Returns X Sugar Cookie) x (Brocaded Gown X Happy Returns))

Final Touch

32″,Dip,4.75″,Dor,L,Frag  (Sdlg x Love’S Blush)



Big Smile

28″,Dip,5.50″,Dor,M,Frag  (Slug Buster x Siloam Harold Flickinger)


28 x 5.5  Nice  I like it better than BPink cause is taller


FFO:  6/16/16

Like 16-001 but not as nice –  not as tall, and not as many buds


Pale yellow, short, great plant habit, sending up 3 scapes.

Scape height:  13 in, Bloom size:  5 inches

FFO:  June 10