Olallie Mack

32″,Dip,4.50″,Dor,VL  (Formerly Olallie Novelty)

Peggy Bass

26″,Dip,7″,SEv,M,Frag,Db,Re  (Sdlg x Frances Joiner)


50″,Dip,8″,Dor,ML,UFO  (Sdlg × Lola Branham x Kirsten Madeline Burkey)

Dark Witch

43″,Dip,7″,Dor,M,Re,EMo  (Brilliant Idea x Emerald Starburst)


28″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,EM  (Kindly Light x Granite City Steelers)

Paula Goes Prime Time

‘Paula goes Prime Time is one of my very favorites for the color and the way the bloom points towards your face and not to the side.’

Heidi Douglas

Little Big Man

16″,Dip,2.75″,Evr,EM  (Not Available x Not Available)

Margo Reed Indeed

28″,Dip,7.50″,SEv,ML,Re,UFO  (After Awhile Crocodile x Loch Ness Monster)

Green Energy

34″,Dip,6″,Dor,M,Re  (Proper Stranger x Sugar High)