Lee Pickles

28″,Tet,5.50″,SEv,EM,Re  (Not Available x Not Available)


37″,Tet,7.50″,Evr,EM,Frag,Re,UFO  (Thundercat x Mask Of Darkness)

Gold Helmet

40″,Tet,8.50″,Dor,ML,Frag  (Not Available x Not Available)

Golden Showoff

30″,Tet,6″,Dor,M,Frag,Re  ([(Kate Carpenter X Gaza) X (Tetra Orange Velvet X Sdlg)] x )

Wayne Johnson

28″,Tet,5.50″,Evr,M,Db  ([(Royal Ambassador X Sdlg) X (Royal Ambassador X Sdlg)] x )

You Are Mine

34″,Tet,8″,Dor,M,Re,EMo  (Lady Of Faith x Tetra Heavenly Angel Ice)


28″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,EM  ( x )

Soco Gap

30″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,M  (Tournament Of Roses x Cause For Pause X Tahlequah Flame)

Jeffcoat Style

34″,Tet,6.25″,Dor,EM,Db,Re  ((Emily Hawthorne X (Frances Joiner X Peggy Jeffcoat)) x )

Memories Remain

28″,Tet,5″,Evr,EM,Frag,Re  (Pure Indulgence x Candied Popcorn Perfection)

Nile Crane

26″,Tet,5″,Evr,M,Frag,Re  (Not Available x Not Available)

Organized Chaos

34″,Tet,5.50″,SEv,EM,Re  (((All Fired Up X Border Blessed) X Navel Assault) x )

Crimson Flood

24″,Tet,6.50″,Evr,M,Re  (Ruby Lips x Evening Enchantment)

Embroidery Plus

30″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,ML,VFrag,Noc,Ext  (Gold Embroidery x Emperors Choice)

Fashionably Late

36″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,L,Re  (Caption X Fall Farewell x Fall Farewell)

Flying First Class

38″,Tet,8.50″,SEv,EM,Frag,Re  ((Shutterbug X (His Highness X Bluebird Sky)) x )