Optical Art

25″,Tet,5″,Evr,E,Re  (Sdlg x Stenciled Impressions)

Redneck Riviera

29″,Tet,7″,Dor,M,Re  (Cindy’S Eye X Bunny Eyes x Border Blessed)

Poetic Justice

34″,Tet,6.50″,SEv,EM,Re  (Virgin Territory x Jo Ann Bruce X Paulette Miller)

Song Of The Empire

28″,Tet,5.75″,SEv,M,Frag,Re  Sdlg(Supreme Empire x America’s Most Wanted)

Sound Of Color

27″,Tet,6.50″,SEv,EM,Re  ((Hearts Abound X Lilith Fair) x (Bridgeton Finesse X Suddenly Blue))

Clown Parade

33″,Tet,6″,SEv,M  (Better Than Ever x Spacecoast Starburst)

Shores Of Time

26″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,EM,Frag,Re  ([(Shimmering Elegance X Ed Brown) X (Red Fang X Northern Glitter)] x )

Linda Bell

21″,Tet,7″,Evr,E,Frag,Re  (Jennifer Trimmer x Unknown)

Susquehanna Skies

34″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,M  (President Ronald Reagan x (Rock Solid X Red State))

Au Natural

30″,Tet,5.75″,SEv,EM,Re  ((Hill Street Blues X (Women Seeking Men X Innocent Voices)) x )

Kiss My Aura

36″,Tet,6″,SEv,EM  (Finally Letting Go x Enchanting Esmerelda)

Casper’s Shadow

28″,Tet,6″,SEv,M,Frag,Re  (Catcher In The Eye X Ultraviolet Mood x Rippled Oasis X Spacecoast Sea Shells)

New Paradigm

28″,Tet,6.50″,SEv,EE,VFrag,Re  (The Band Played On x Tet. Terry Lyninger)

Bill Norris

29″,Tet,5″,SEv,M,Frag,Re,Ext  (Sdlg x Bit More Class)

Amber Rhum

34″,Tet,6″,SEv,M,Frag,Re  ((Catcher In The Eye X Meet Joe Black) x Rippled Oasis)

Ultraviolet Mood

26″,Tet,6″,Evr,EM,VFrag,Re  (Driving Me Wild x Heavenly Dragon X Warrior Spirit)

Sitting Queen

30″,Tet,6″,SEv,M  ((Amber Rhum × Rippled Oasis) x (Catcher In The Eye × Ultraviolet Mood))


Pink w Yellow edge  Sdlg 1,


Bright Fuschia

Sdlg 2,   Row 16


Mauve Pink  ULW,   Behind Numbero Uno


Pale Purple  Sdlg 2,   Row 9, # 3


26″,Tet,6″,SEv,M,Frag  (Tuxedo Moon x Tetra Grand Masterpiece)

Alien Whisper

45″,Tet,5″,SEv,M  ((((Star Of India X Lighter Than Air) X Alien Dna) X Alien Dna)


26″,Tet,6″,Dor,EM,Frag,Re  (J T Davis x Belle Cook)

Tumbled Glass

29″,Tet,6″,Evr,EE,Re  (Spacecoast Sea Shells x Terry Lyninger)


33″,Tet,5″,SEv,M  (Spacecoast Sea Shells x Cobraskin Necktie)

Druid’S Chant

23″,Tet,6.50″,SEv,EM,VFrag,Re,Noc,Ext ((Sdlg(El Bandito X Plum Candy)) x Admiral’S Braid)

American Freedom

(Grace-Smith, 2003)

height 28 in.(71 cm), bloom 5.5 in.(14 cm), season E, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 36 buds, 6 branches,  Vibrant orange peach blend with gold edge. (Tet. Ultimate Perfection × J.T. Davis) Awards: AM,HM (2009,2006)

Patsy Cline

(Smith-FR, 2008)

height 36 in.(91 cm), bloom 7 in.(18 cm), season EM, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 40 buds, 5 branches,  Orange with ruffled edge and cream midribs. (American Freedom × sdlg)

Starburst Fantasy

(Trimmer, 2012)

height 26 in.(66 cm), bloom 5.75 in.(15 cm), season E, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 16 buds, 1 branches,  Dark yellow with maroon plum eye with yellow appliqué throat. (Patsy Cline × Spacecoast Sea Shells)

Cobraskin Necktie

(Escalating Dichotomies × Chilled Euphoria) Awards: HM (2008)

(Hanson-C., 2005)

height 39 in.(99 cm), bloom 6 in.(15 cm), season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid,  Lavender self above chartreuse throat. (Escalating Dichotomies × Chilled Euphoria) Awards: HM (2008)